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Bee Removal Orlando

Bee control from a home or business is a very common request for bee professionals in Orange County, FL. Bees play a very important role in nature. They pollinate plants that flower, and in many ecosystems, are the major pollinator. It has been estimated that over 1/3 of our food supply is dependant on insects, mainly the bee. Although helpful bees are not desired in or near a home or business in Orlando.

If a bee is inside your home it is possibly flew in. More common though is that it's nest is actually inside your home! Bees will create complex honeycombs inside your walls. These nests will often stretch from one end of a wall to another. Their honey can leak out of the hive and completely ruin your wall. They also give off a odorous sugar substance that will attract unwanted pests, such as insects and rodents.

Bees Nest Removal Orlando

We are trained on the best methods of removal of bees nests. Some nests may be destroyed. Others, like the honeybee, will need to be relocated. We have the proper equipment and training to perform live beehive extraction. We will also take care of fixing the damage that the bees or extraction may cause. It is always best to have a professional take care of removing bees from your home. As you disturb the nest there is an increased chance of getting stung. Multiple stings are common when a nest is disturbed. We have the safety equipment and training needed to protect ourselves. Let us take care of your bee removal in Orlando.

Facts about Bees

There are many different species of bees today, over 20,000, with more being discovered every day. The major types of bees are:

  • Honey Bees
  • Bumble Bees
  • Stingless Bees
  • Africanized Honey Bees
The hornet and yellowjacket, are popular species of wasps, not actually bees!

The honey bee colony consists of three classes; the Queen, who lays eggs, Drones who mate with the queen and have no stinger, and the Worker bees, the bees who create the nest and gather nectar or pollen. A colony will often exceed tens of thousands of workers. A standard worker bee can be born in under 20 days, rapidly expanding the size of the colony.

We are committed to providing effective bee removal in the Orlando area.

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